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Our fintech lawyers are closely involved with the payments industry and advise on arrangements involving payment gateways, payment service providers, acquirers, processors, programme managers, card issuers, e-money institutions and card associations.

We help you to stay ahead of the ever evolving legal and regulatory landscape by keeping you informed about any updates on the horizon, explaining the impacts any changes may have on your business, and by working with you to create commercial, integrated and well-thought solutions that work for you and minimise disruption.

In addition to advising on your commercial agreements and internal policies, including in relation to data protection and anti-money laundering, we also assist with FCA applications and notifications, cryptocurrency transactions, white papers and initial coin offerings (ICOs) both in the UK and in other jurisdictions.

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We help you to establish, maintain and apply robust corporate governance processes to satisfy all FCA reporting, compliance and other obligations applicable to your business. Our advice helps you to avoid running into problems with the FCA and to position yourself in the best possible light with them. We frequently advise in relation to change in control and authorisation applications.
We advise how the data protection laws affect your business and what you need to do to comply with them, including subject access requests. Our advice helps you to avoid personal data breaches, however, if one occurs, we provide prompt advice on how to manage and respond to the breach to minimise any consequential risks and disruption to your business.
We help you to manage your contractual relationships with your suppliers, customers and other business partners. We assist you with the entire process from planning and structuring your commercial arrangements through to negotiating and documenting them. In each case, we map out your objectives to ensure these are fully documented and protected, and work with you to tactfully resolve any red flags in any other party’s proposals.
If your company is undertaking a project that is looking at innovating, improving, or developing a product, process, or service, then you may qualify for R&D tax relief. We help analyse the planned expenditure and, where there is qualifying spend, maximise the benefits available to you using the R&D scheme.
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