Legal to Legal

We provide a discrete, expert and comprehensive legal-to-legal service for lawyers located in England and Wales and internationally.

You will have access to our full range of legal expertise and resources to assist you with structuring and executing your clients’ requirements, whether needed purely for personnel support or to enable you to broaden your service offering for your clients.

We make every effort to adapt and integrate with your team, systems and methods of working so as to allow you to maintain a seamless service to your client, including staying behind-the-scenes if you so require. We are alert to cultural nuances and have a broad range of language skills amongst our lawyers. Accordingly, we are well placed to communicate effectively at times convenient to you and adapt according to your unique requirements.

Our approach is fully appreciative that fee structures, confidentiality and restrictive covenants can be an essential part of any engagement in this respect both to protect your client relationship and for compliance with your regulatory obligations that may apply.


Service highlights

As ventures become increasingly global, a stable and transparent jurisdiction for the governing law for a joint venture and the underlying transactional documents is paramount. English law is often seen as the international law of choice, giving parties complete flexibility as to commercial terms for transactional documents.

We often advise on cross-border transactions as part of our wider corporate practice and provide legal opinions to lawyers in foreign jurisdictions where an opinion is needed to opine on the validity and enforceability of transaction documents.

We are able to assist other law firms with large scale document review projects for litigation disclosure and transaction due diligence.

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