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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Service overview

Our IP lawyers offer a full range of advice on intellectual property to help you to create, exploit and protect your brand – something we appreciate can be one of your most valuable business assets.

We provide a complete registration service, including preparing and submitting applications for trademarks, design rights, patents and domain names. We advise on the best structure for applications and likelihood of their success, as well as on opposition to help you to defend or oppose any new applications and existing registrations.

Intellectual property rights often form a key element of joint ventures and the sale and purchase of assets and businesses. We help to secure your interests in transactions of that nature through detailed due diligence and appropriate contractual safeguards.

We also draft, review and negotiate individual licence agreements, franchise agreements and IP development and maintenance agreements for you where intellectual property forms a significant element of the transaction.

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Intellectual Property

Service highlights

Building and protecting a brand can be one of the key elements in achieving business success. We assist with the registration trade marks, design rights and domain names within the UK and in other jurisdictions. We advise on the best structure for applications and likelihood of their success. We also advise on the protection of existing rights and on how to avoid infringing the rights of others.
Copyright is one of the most commonly arising types of intellectual property. It provides protection against the unauthorised copying and use of the copyright owner’s creations. We advise on all aspects of copyright law and help you as a copyright owner protect your valuable rights against misuse. Wrongful use of copyright materials found on the web is common.
Corporate transactions involving the sale, purchase or franchising of a business will almost invariably need to deal with the intellectual property rights owned by the business. We assist in the identification and validation of any such intellectual property as part of the due diligence process, and ensure that the relevant rights are properly transferred by the contractual documents when the transaction completes.  We undertake IP audits for companies.
We act for developers, distributors, suppliers of mobile applications, software support services and end users.  We advise on the full range of IT contracts including bespoke software development agreements, software licencing and maintenance arrangements, software as a service (SaaS) terms and escrow arrangements. If things go wrong, we can help you address the situation in the most practical and cost effective manner.
Designers and innovators of all types need to be able to exploit their creative ideas whilst controlling the extent to which those ideas can be exploited by others. We advise you on the most appropriate licensing structures to adopt and assist you to formalise those structures properly in your written agreements.
We help you to protect your intellectual property against infringement by third parties and to enforce and defend your contractual and other proprietary rights, whether through the courts or through other forms of dispute resolution. Our IP team includes qualified mediators and arbitrators.
We advise authors and artistic talent in relation to their ‘moral rights’ in their created works and also those companies and entities which seek to deny or minimise them.
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