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Separation, divorce and dealing with the issues that arise out of the breakdown of a marriage or couple relationship can be very distressing for everyone involved, especially any children of the relationship.

Our family lawyers listen to what is important to you and deal with your matter in a sensitive and constructive way, helping you to retain your dignity, look more positively to the future and achieve an outcome that works for you and your family.

We deal with all aspects of family law and are accustomed to dealing with cases involving sensitive and complex issues and high profile individuals. We act for high net worth individuals from all walks of life and their partners. Much of our work has an international flavour and we often deal with cross-jurisdictional issues.

In addition to conventional legal advice we offer no court process options including family mediation and collaborative law. We can also refer you to external agencies and support services, including counselling organisations, discussion groups and parent information services.

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We have significant experience preparing and advising on marital agreements, including prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and separation agreements, as well as cohabitation/living together agreements, for couples who do not intend to get married.
We have particular expertise dealing with international child relocation/leave to remove cases, where one parent wants to move abroad with the children after the breakdown of the couple’s relationship, and the other parent does not want the children to move.
We deal with cross-jurisdictional issues, for example where there is a forum race between different countries to issue divorce proceedings. The forum is important because the court which deals with the divorce will usually also deal with the financial aspects of the divorce.
Family mediation is a voluntary process where you and your former partner work with an impartial mediator at a series of meetings to help you communicate better and reach your own informed decisions about how to separate, issues concerning children, finance and property matters and any other matters that are important to you which you both agree to talk about. We can also support you by providing legal advice whilst you are attending family mediation with another mediator/mediation agency, so you are able to negotiate effectively in the mediation process.
Collaborative law is a voluntary method of dispute resolution facilitated by family lawyers who have undertaken special training in the process. All the negotiations take place at a series of face-to-face settlement meetings involving you and your former partner, your respective lawyers and other members of the collaborative team, including family consultants (from a family/therapeutic background). Everyone involved signs up to a participation agreement whereby they resolve to try and settle all the issues without going to court or threatening court proceedings, and the lawyers are prohibited from representing either client in contested court proceedings should the process break down.
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