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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Service overview

The effective handling of disputes requires a carefully planned strategy, with due consideration of time, risks and costs.

We carry out a detailed review of the factual background before advising you strategically on litigation, mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution options, with your objectives and risk appetite firmly in mind. We will explore the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you to identify any pressure points, where any issues may arise and how best to deal with them.

Our litigation team has a successful track record of bringing, defending and settling cases from start to successful resolution. With well-established relationships with specialist barristers, foreign lawyers and insolvency practitioners, we are well placed to assemble a formidable team tailored to your specific industry, dispute and resources.

We frequently work alongside lawyers from other jurisdictions to enforce English and foreign judgments and arbitration awards around the world. Our lawyers work at speed to investigate sophisticated legal structures and obtain emergency relief to protect valuable assets which might otherwise be dissipated and stand in the way of successful recovery.

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Dispute Resolution

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We have a strong team of commercial litigators who act for clients involved in complex, cross-border litigation primarily conducted in the High Court in London. We advise on the best strategy to adopt to either resolve your disputes or succeed through court proceedings. We have a strong track record of successfully obtaining emergency injunctive relief where urgent redress is required, including worldwide freezing, search and disclosure orders.
We advise on contractual matters, including breaches of contract and the routes available if you are seeking to pursue or defend claims arising from the alleged breaches. We also have a depth of experience in advising on negligence matters, including professional negligence, breach of duty, trust and tortious claims. We provide commercial and pragmatic advice, including considering the wider context of possible court action as well as the likelihood of recovery and redress from the opponent.
We understand the significance that fraud and deceit can have, and we have a strong reputation in advising in relation to fraud investigations. As well as advising on the appropriate routes available through the civil courts, we provide the opportunity to co-ordinate investigations across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions, typically working with public relations firms, private investigators, local authorities and law firms around the world. We also understand the significant expense that may be required in cases of this nature and work with global litigation funders on a regular basis.
Allegations of libel or slander can lead to stressful and emotional proceedings. We guide you through this difficult process and aim to achieve an appropriate and tailored remedy at an early stage. We also have significant experience of assisting in making subject access requests and claims relating to breach of confidence, data protection and intellectual property rights.
We understand the difficulties that can arise from disagreements and disputes between directors and shareholders of a company, and the consequences these disputes can have for the company’s operations.  We carefully assist you in navigating this challenging area, advising on director’s duties, the company’s articles of association and any other governing documents, and how these fit in with the remedies available to directors and shareholders who may wish to part ways, assert or defend their rights.
We have represented clients in multi-million-dollar arbitrations seated in London and have assisted with arbitrations around the world. We work with you to devise the best strategy for a successful arbitration including the use of the Courts to obtain interim relief in support of the arbitration and/or careful consideration of any potential jurisdictional challenges.
We regularly assist in enforcing domestic and foreign Court judgments in the UK by using a number of different methods, including first carrying out investigations into the asset position of individuals or companies if required, making applications for charging orders (and orders for sale) over property, third party debt orders, attachment of earnings, insolvency proceedings and other appropriate relief.
We are experienced in the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including mediation and other out of court settlement options. We always seek to advise you on the merits of ADR at an early stage to avoid the escalating costs of litigation.
We have worked with clients on investigations into their business conduct by regulatory bodies including the Financial Conduct Authority, ICO and professional regulatory bodies, including the Law Society.
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