Data Protection

Changes to data protection legislation, particularly introduction of the GDPR, have led to strict legal obligations being placed on all businesses that control or process any personal data.

Our data protection lawyers help you to understand how the data protection laws affect your business and what you need to do to comply with them.

The first step is typically to identify what personal data your business controls or processes, as well as how, why and where you do so. Once identified, we assist you to put in place appropriate measures, processes, training and documentation, including as to data collection, usage and storage, to ensure you remain fully compliant.

Our advice helps you to avoid personal data breaches, however, if one occurs, we provide prompt advice on how to manage and respond to the breach to minimise any consequential risks and disruption to your business.

We also advise on the rights for individuals, such as to be informed, to object, in relation to automated decision making and profiling, and for access, rectification, erasure and restriction of processing.


Service highlights

With a raft of UK and EU data protection legislation which is complex and ever-changing, we provide our clients with a full data audit to ensure they are fully compliant with legislation in the sector and jurisdiction in which they operate.

We are legal leaders in the GDPR field and have decades of expertise guiding our clients through what they often find is a perilous regulatory code to navigate without specialist advice.

Our team are adept at drafting and negotiating all forms of commercial contracts which involve data legislation to ensure the client is fully protected.

We work with our clients in registration for data protection purposes as well as guiding them through complains handling and breach reporting.


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