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Our commercial lawyers help you to manage your contractual relationships with your suppliers, customers and other business partners. We assist you with the entire process from planning and structuring your commercial arrangements through to negotiating and documenting them.

Our approach is driven by your requirements, including as to timing, risk and each party’s rights and obligations. This enables us to help close your deals smoothly, achieving your goals without getting lost in irrelevant or insignificant detail. We alert you to any laws that apply in the circumstances and provide you with a steer on what is market standard and anything that is not.

We have extensive experience in cross border transactions across a range of industries and disciplines, utilising specialist local insight and the full range of language skills from our international offices and wider network of foreign lawyers, accountants, industry contacts and other professionals.

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We advise on, draft and negotiate a wide range of commercial contracts, including sale of goods, services agreements, hire agreements, commission agreements, distribution agreements and marketing agreements. In each case, we map out your objectives to ensure these are fully documented and protected, and work with you to tactfully resolve any red flags in any other party’s proposals.
We assist with the preparation of website terms of use, UK GDPR compliant privacy and cookies policies and, if you are selling any goods, services or digital content through your website, then additionally with terms and conditions of sale and any specific requirements that may apply if you are dealing with regulated or restricted goods or services.
We help with the preparation of standard terms and conditions to underpin your sale of goods or supply of services to customers and clients. Different considerations apply if selling to other businesses or directly to consumers, and we guide you according to the circumstances. We also help you to review and negotiate any standard terms and conditions presented to you when purchasing goods or services from your suppliers.
We help with the preparation of put and call option agreements over a wide range of assets, most commonly in relation to shares and land. We assist with any due diligence necessary to ensure an option is validly granted and any requisite third party consents are obtained. If property is involved, we also see to any appropriate registration formalities at HM Land Registry.
We help putting introducer agreements in place whether you are appointing an introducer or acting as an introduction agent yourself. Care is often needed around defining what constitutes an introduction, when a commission becomes due, how it is calculated, rights and obligations of the introducer, payment terms and any consequences of termination.
We draft comprehensive confidentiality agreements or NDA’s for a variety of use cases, frequently at the outset of an M&A process or when starting discussions with a view to starting a new commercial relationship. They can be an important tool to help preserve the integrity of your business secrets and can apply mutually where both parties will be sharing confidential information.
Designers, innovators and other creatives need to be able to exploit their intellectual property, whilst controlling the extent to which it can be exploited by others. We advise on the most appropriate licensing structures to adopt and assist to formalise those structures in written agreements. This is often relevant in the context of franchising and we assist with setting up and rolling out franchise agreements.
We assist with all aspects of establishing, protecting and exploiting your intellectual property rights. In particular, we help with the registration of trade marks, design rights and domain names in the UK and other jurisdictions. We also advise on the protection of your copyright and other existing rights, and on how to avoid infringing the rights of others.
Data protection has become much higher profile in recent years. We advise both individuals and businesses on their rights and responsibilities under the UK data protection laws, including the GDPR. If required, we can undertake a full data protection audit of your business procedures help you ensure compliance with the complex and evolving requirements in this field.
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