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Our tax experts provide comprehensive advice on a range of personal and corporate tax matters, whether as part of planning, structuring, transactions or reporting, or dealing with HMRC investigations or compliance.

Our tax services for businesses include payroll, business tax return compliance, company accounts, director remuneration strategies, employee benefits and incentives, bonus and option schemes, VCT, SEIS and EIS investment schemes, R&D claims, group accounting and taxation, residence and domicile consultancy, and CIS bookkeeping and reclaims.

We also assist with personal tax returns, sole trader accounts, capital gains tax, probate and inheritance tax planning, and trusts and estates.

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If your company is undertaking a project that is looking at innovating, improving, or developing a product, process, or service, then you may qualify for R&D tax relief. We help analyse the planned expenditure and, where there is qualifying spend, maximise the benefits available to you using the R&D scheme.
There are a number of conditions that a company must meet in order to qualify for EIS status. We advise if your company meets the qualifying conditions and assist with applications to HMRC for advance assurance. Our tax team is very experienced in ensuring that the process is handled effectively and that the right structures are in place.
The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is the most generous, tax-advantaged venture capital scheme in the UK. It offers enhanced income tax and capital gains tax (CGT) reliefs to investors who invest into SEIS eligible companies. We help you to identify an achievable trade to qualify for SEIS relief in a new trading company and help you complete the entire application for advance assurance.
The VCT scheme was designed to encourage investment into small, high risk trading companies. A venture capital trust is a company approved by HMRC that subscribes for shares in, or lends money to, small unquoted companies. The VCT scheme differs from EIS in that a VCT investment is more like investing in an investment trust (rather than directly into an operating company) with a high-risk profile.
We help you to understand and plan for any CGT arising on the disposal or transfer of property, shares, personal possessions and other assets. It is usually applicable in relation to items with a capital investment quality rather than an income trading characteristic. In addition, we advise on the availability of any reliefs depending on the type of asset disposed or sold, and the nature of the underlying transaction.
We are frequently called upon to advise in relation to inheritance tax by executors, personal representatives and beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate. We also help you with planning and structuring your own affairs with a view to mitigating the inheritance tax liability on your estate after your lifetime, which can be a particularly worthwhile exercise if you have substantial assets.
We help you to analyse your offshore incomes and structures in order to assess the best options to take. This may be appropriate if they were set-up based on assumptions or circumstances which have evolved, or without considering the full picture. Additionally, we operate an annual passport residence test that assesses the relevant data against the statutory residence test so that you can take this with you into the future.
Various creative industry reliefs have been introduced to reward creative activities requiring significant time to develop a product or service, including film tax relief, animation tax relief, high-end television tax relief, children’s television tax relief, video games tax relief, theatre tax relief, orchestra tax relief, and museums and galleries exhibition tax relief.
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