Yuliya's Expertise

Recent projects

  1. Advised the EBRD’s General Contractor on the modernisation of street lighting in several cities of Kazakhstan (including analysis of the Kazakhstan legislation on public procurement, budgeting, public-private partnership, drafting of the project related public service contract) and on the modernisation of the heating system support in Actobe and Semey.
  2. Provided legal advice for a Kazakh state owned engineering company on the preparation of their feasibility report and design and estimate documentation for construction in the suburb of Almaty city, including advising on budgeting.
  3. Performed legal support for a national company (whose prime investments focus on social and economic development of Almaty city) in the course of its legislative initiative on financing road and transport infrastructures in Almaty city.
  4. Advised foreign investors on public-private partnership issues in Kazakhstan including consultations regarding best financial structure in respect to the proposed acquisition of an oil company located in western Kazakhstan.
  5. Advised one of the largest local grain companies on non-standard issues of authorized capital formation.
  6. Performed legal support for a transaction concerning the attraction of project and corporate financing by a British energy company in respect to a project based on the principle of "Effective use of alternative energy" in Kazakhstan.
  7. Performed legal support in respect of preference share redemption procedure for a national company by one of the largest banks of Kazakhstan.Advised on issues of restructuring of a well-known Kazakhstani FMCG company.
  8. Performed legal due diligence for one of the local key insurance companies regarding compliance with the labour law.
  9. Advised a large local holding company concerning the purchase of the subsoil use rights, and best organisational and legal form and model of the business (special aspects of financial and tax administration).
  10. Performed legal support for an acquisition of the land plots for one of the biggest Kazakhstan FMCG companies.