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Covid-19: Impacts On Planning Applications

The Planning Inspectorate has published guidance on planning permission site visits, hearings, inquiries and events.

Under guidance from the Planning Inspectorate, there will be no site visits, hearings or inquiries whilst the measures remain in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, in particular:

  • Site visits: We will be considering whether there are types of cases that can proceed without undertaking a visit.
  • Enquiries and hearings: We are considering whether it might be feasible to utilise technological solutions to enable events to proceed whilst ensuring fairness for all parties, especially third parties, given that these are public events. In some cases, the Inspector might invite the parties to consider whether the case can be decided on the basis of written submissions following questions that she or he might raise.

For queries about individual cases it is advised that you contact the case officer by e-mail. Due to remote working, do not send any hard copy forms or evidence by post.

If you would like to discuss property matters please contact Fionan Foo at

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